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Ian Woodford has been inventing things all his life. Now is your opportunity to tap into his out-of-the box thinking. With an engineering and mathematics background, Ian will give you the full gambit.

We are looking for investment for all of the projects you see on this page, so if you're interested in playing a part in our technological future, then please get in touch.


Novel Energy Storage Solution. An old way of storing energy regurgitated for the 21st century. While many hi-tech companies are working on battery technology to store the energy produced by renewables, we are exploring a gravity storage option.

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Kayak Safety at Sea. With a growing number of people out kayaing and paddleboarding, this mobile app will allow for their location to be followed by a person back on dry land without using mobile data.

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A new way to measure diplopia in adults and children. Diplopia, or double vision, has historically been measured using a Hess Screen, which is a manual, and error-prone method of taking measurements. Modern electronic methods exist, but Optica offers an alternative with a twist!

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Milk Maid

Milking machines need to work faultlessly to ensure the cows get milked on time every time. Sometimes they break down though. This product will prevent those breakdowns using IoT technology.

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Call Grandma

A way to be sociable during these un-sociable times. Loved ones in care homes have been hit hard by the recent pandemic, keeping them separate from their family. This app allows them to stay in touch even if they are not tech savvy.

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Electronic Scoreboard

Electronic scoreboards are commonmplace at larger cricket grounds, but their cost is prohibitive for smaller clubs. This scoreboard is mobile and doesn't break the bank. Furthermore, it has a feature that most scorebords don't have: It is controlled from a webapp and there is an online live feed that can be watched from anywhere.

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Traffic Speed Regulator

A new project looking at regulating the speed of traffic using flashing lights.

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Maths Lessons Online

The recent lockdowns in the UK and across the world have shown how important the internet is for the transfer of knowledge. There are many online resources available and software has sprung up to cope with the demand of providing lesson streaming services. As mathematicians we are interested in making quality maths lessons available to all children, whether they are home-schooled, abroad or in corrective facilities, so we are prototyping a system of providing maths lessons online.

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Our blue-sky thinking develops ideas with legs. This is a list of the projects we are currently running, so contact us if you have an idea and we'll see how we can help.

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